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About Us

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Who We Are

The GrantEd Group helps develop research, engagement, and people for impact; accelerating your success by sharing proven methodologies for funding, strategy, and planning. ​​We act as trusted advisors to our clients, providing practical advice and exceptional service to accelerate their success. Our clients span many different sectors including: 

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We work with researchers and research support staff from 
150+ university faculty or central research offices in Australia.

Meet the Team

Lyn spent 13 years as a medical research scientist in Australia and the UK before branching out into project, contract, grant, and tender management.


 She is a skilled and knowledgeable facilitator, running workshops on all aspects of writing within a competitive funding environment. 


Through strategic grant and tender review, Lyn has helped thousands of researchers polish their grant applications with many wins under her belt. ​


Kirsten has worked in strategic development roles in the research, non-profit, professional and financial services sectors over the past 25 years. She is an astute business leader, best known for her ability to understand complex topics quickly and her strategic approach to planning major initiatives and projects. She has outstanding writing and presenting skills, as well as strong experience in business development coaching, career coaching and diversity advocacy.


Linda keeps the entire office running smoothly!


Her support ensures the administrative aspect of operations is seamless, and her marketing prowess ensures The GrantEd Group brand continues to be synonymous with excellence and integrity.

Marketing, Administration & Operations Support Officer

Jenny also assists the team in administration support with an emphasis on the workshop sector of GrantEd


Her journalism degree and background in print and digital media is also put to good use helping maintain the brand excellence of GrantEd

Marketing, Administration & Operations Support Officer

Following a PhD in genetics and diploma in economics, Corey has spent over ten years in top European and Australian universities and research institutes, developing and managing research projects and partnerships, international networks, and conferences, while honing the craft of grant writing.


With a focus on clear communication and strategic packaging of proposals, Corey will bring a critical and analytical eye to your work – and help get that great idea funded.

 Senior Grant Advisor

With +20 years' experience as a social sciences researcher, Benedicta has worked at universities in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom, where she also completed her PhD at the University of Cambridge. ​


She has specialised in applied research and engagement through consultancy work for a range of organisations including The World Bank and DFAT.


Alongside academic research and publication she has spent several years living in Vanuatu, worked as a lecturer on a cruise ship through Melanesia, and sold cheese on an English market stall. 

Senior Grant Advisor

With 15 years’ experience working across all levels of government in NZ, the UK and Australia, Kate has a solid background in funding program development and evaluation, funding allocation, and contract management. She has a keen eye for detail, and love of logic and takes the enigma out of producing succinct and focused proposals.  Kate has several years’ experience reviewing and shaping Australian Research Council grant submissions, with her natural curiosity and writing skills having honed submissions from all fields of research. A reviewer and writer of academic award submissions, Kate gets great enjoyment from talking to researchers about their work. 

 Senior Grant Advisor

With over 13 years experience as a Philosopher of Psychology Liz has held research and teaching positions in philosophy and psychology departments across Australia, including 10 years as the main coder on the Australian Neurolaw Database. She is a jack of all trades. Having done research on everything from the metaphysics of chemistry to visual consciousness and neuroethics Liz can provide a clear and simple explanation for complex ideas across the research spectrum. She is a master of arguments and conceptual landscaping and brings these skills to demystifying the tasks of explaining and justifying the importance of your project. 

Grant Advisor
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With more than 20 years’ experience in science and environmental research, Catherine has worked in Government and university research institutions in Australia, Canada and Ireland. She has also gained more than ten years’ experience in pre-submission scientific manuscript editing, leading to an eye for detail and comprehensive language skills.

Catherine will use the grit and determination that she needed to finish the Philadelphia Marathon along with her exceptional writing and editing skills to help you get your grant application over the line.

Grant Advisor

Sebastian’s experience managing multi-million dollar government tenders, grants and contracts has provided him with a keen eye for understanding the complexities and criteria that need to be addressed for successful bids and applications.
With 15 experience in management systems managing and auditing, Human Resources, business liaison manager, tender consulting, and training across multiple industries he brings an analytical and strategic approach to tender and grant writing.  
As well as his professional engagements he has been an English teacher in China, visual artist for over 25 years, and a chess geek for about as long too. 

Pre-submission Grant Reviewer and Tenders

Recent Wins

+$900M in acquired funding
1st ever NHMRC Senior Research Fellowship for a Queensland university
Centres of Excellence funded in 2017; 
3 of the 9
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Ready to bring in the A-team?
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