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Tender and Proposal Development and Strategy

The GrantEd Group helps you plan and develop successful applications for tenders and proposals. 

GrantEd’s tender/bid support services include: 

  • analysing the specification

  • preparing a comprehensive bid response plan

  • project managing the development process, including liaison with the client’s team and coordinating their input

  • developing and writing content 

  • advising on additional compliance requirements

  • advising on positioning and win strategies.



GrantEd ensures:

  • development of a purchaser-focused response document, which incorporates key evaluation criteria and required outcomes from the process

  • development of content, which answers the questions and supports the overall solution and institution’s positioning.

GrantEd’s assistance includes reviewing the draft response for:

  • strength of the solution, positioning and how well it meets the purchaser’s scope of works

  • compliance with the purchaser’s questions 

  • assessment of the response against the selection criteria, with due consideration to each criterion and associated weightings

  • proofreading for clear and concise writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation, logic and consistent written voice, plain English.

With almost $1B secured for our clients in funding over the past seven years, we look forward to talking with you to determine the best combination of support to assist you achieve your long-term strategic goals.
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Workshops and Seminars 

WORKSHOP: Tender Writing Fundamentals

Tenders can be an important way for businesses to win work, but they can be mysterious documents to navigate. This workshop demystifies tender writing, helping participants to:

  • develop an understanding of tenders and the important role they play in business development and client retention

  • identify what purchasers (such as government) are really looking for 

  • understand the relationships that need to be established to be “in the game” 

  • develop a solution-focused, winning application. 


WORKSHOP: Writing clearly and concisely for business
Clear and concise writing is essential for effective communication. This workshop concentrates
on general writing skills and strategies, which bring reports, emails and proposals from good
to outstanding.

This session will assist you to:

  • develop your competence and confidence in writing with a plain English style

  • adapt your written communication style in relation to the target audience

  • understand and correct the most common spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes

  • learn ways to improve the clarity of your writing, editing and proofreading.


Using case studies from your own organisation and elsewhere, this workshop includes:

  • a grammar refresh

  • the principles of plain English

  • ideas for planning your writing

  • reports: structure, style and content

  • emails: getting the outcome you want

  • proposals: engaging effectively with a prospect

  • tenders: tips and tools for effectively managing a tender under time constraints

  • proofreading tips and tricks.

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Writing and Communication

GrantEd has expertise and experience working on targeted commercial and government communications collateral. We can assist with document architecture and writing support.

For example:

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