GrantEd COVID-19 Associate Staff Lockdown 2.0...


Big few weeks manipulating the teenage humans in his house. Charlie has taken over a human bed, an Instagram account and has plans to make Paris an outdoor cat by the end of Lockdown 2.0.



Developing a deeper interest of Death Metal. Can’t understand the lyrics and doesn’t give a woof. Sovereign citizen who walks herself.


Sleeps all day. Parties all night. Lockdown 2.0 is bringing the night owl out of introvert Smudgy. A Bill Gates hater and COVID denier, she cannot wait to trash this mouse after sundown.


A deep thinker, Hastie is nervous about consciously uncoupling from his 7-year-old human when this all ends. In the meantime, he passes time vomiting during work Zoom sessions to spice up the giant human’s life.


The Nell Mangel of the feline world. Lockdown 2.0 has kept this local busy body occupied, mentally recording any misdemeanours of the neighbouring humans.


Walked 783km in lockdown and purchased seven loungewear items online. Elated with her Strava stats, not so happy with her bank account.

Reminisces about her days being taken out on a lead, meanwhile lamenting that face masks are not made for cats. Makes up for this injustice by refusing to use the litterbox. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, humans!

Flat tack looking into the neighbour’s private affairs. Constantly being called a ‘snoop’ by her house-share dog Charlie. Thinks it’s ridiculous a cat should be called snoop by a doggy dogg.


Looking forward to restrictions ending and getting her neck adjusted. The screen setup and excessive mouse-work is taking its toll.

Reginald 'Morty' Morton
Reads Yahoo! news religiously after his morning catnip. In love with Rebecca Gibney. Thinks COVID modelling is all rubbish and that The Pete Doherty Institute should stick to garage rock revival and going to parties with Kate Moss.


Thwarting all attempts at mainstream schooling, Evan dreams of the day ‘rollerskating while watching Tik Tok’ finally gets recognised as an Olympic sport. Only half-heartedly contemplates escape when the Wi-Fi goes down.


When your binge-watching worlds collide. Lego Masters meets Star Wars. Now for the humans to get out of her house so she can have some quiet time with Chewbacca.