Grants, Tenders & Proposals

The GrantEd Group helps you plan and write successful applications for national and international funding, tenders and proposals. Our strategic, practical support follows a proven methodology.


Our proven methodology helps you write responses that address the scope of needs and evaluation criteria, effectively communicate your value proposition and solution, and position your submission for success.

Covering all major research grant schemes, we assess the strength of your research proposition, compliance with the questions and alignment with selection criteria, in addition to providing general editing support.

Our Impact  Model

Working in partnership with faculty leadership teams, The GrantEd Group provides support to develop research funding, engagement and impact plans based on our Research Impact Strategy Model.


This is an extensive process of individual and group capacity assessment with recommendations made to improve success in each of our five strategy elements:

  • responding to demand

  • accessing support and resources

  • developing effective people and teams

  • designing and conducting valued research

  • proving it by capturing, measuring, evaluating and communicating. 


Explore our impact below.

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ARC Schemes

Laureate Fellowships

Future Fellowships

Discovery Indigenous

Linkage Projects

Industrial Transformation Research Program

Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards

Discovery Projects

NHMRC Schemes

Investigator Grants

Ideas Grants

Synergy Grants

Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies Grants

Development Grants

Recent Wins

3 out
of 9
Centres of Excellence funded in 2017
1st ever NHMRC Senior Research Fellowship for a Queensland university
rate for IH18 proposals; we supported 3 of the 4 hubs awarded
FL18, FT18, IH18 and IC18 projects announced by the ARC in Aug 2018
in DE19 and DP18 projects announced by the ARC
in Nov 2018
in fellowships awarded by the NHMRC in 2018
rate for IC18 proposals (the overall scheme success rate was 25%)
rate for FL18 proposals (the overall scheme success rate was 11.9%)


We work with clients across many different sectors. Our team has written tender responses to a wide variety of purchasers, including:

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