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A life-long curtain twitcher, Charlie has the COVID-19 dob-in line on speed dial. He has reported seven neighbours for social distancing misdemeanours, and one for putting rubbish in their neighbour’s bin after sundown. He is looking forward to the pandemic ending and having more time to binge watch Remington Steele.


Paris enjoys sudoku, word finds and cryptic crosswords and lying in the sun on a comfy shag pile carpet. With subscriptions to the full suite of Lovatt’s puzzle magazines, Paris is known to sneak her back copies into the neighbours recycling bin after sundown. Don’t tell Charlie.



A massive fan of The Handmaids Tale, Annie enjoys sewing bonnets and sending them to Margaret Atwood. When she isn’t sewing, Annie enjoys visiting her neighbour Tiddles, and enjoying a saucer of Baileys & milk.


Smudgy enjoys infuriating people. His favourite past-times include sitting on her human’s MacBook Pro, knocking over glasses of kombucha, and dislodging the TV aerial cable. A political conservative, Smudgy enjoys watching his human lose his rag watching Sky News.


With an interest in spiritual practices, Gus runs regular yoga sessions at the local dog park. He is also running a campaign to reduce single use plastic bags in his local village (poo bags excluded), and mandate the provision of dog water bowls outside hipster cafes.



A huge fan of death metal, Dashi really lets it rip with her deep growling vocals and distorting sounds on her human’s guitar. To prove she is no one-trick rescue dog, Dashi makes a mean beef rendang and the occasional bone broth.


With a passion for parkour, Hastie is the neighbourhood expert in climbing and vaulting apartment buildings. He spends his evenings researching medieval construction methods, with a particular penchant for the Romanesque style.

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Polly is a short haired domestic cat. She enjoys Agatha Christie novels and making catnip infused ANZAC biscuits.


A yobbo, Sunny enjoys barking obscenities through the gate and embarrassing her humans when out for walks. On the weekends she likes to chase cyclists and crush a few tinnies with her mate Basil the cavoodle.

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