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Spotlight on our Bright Stars

Interviews with Australian researchers, who happen to be women

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Meet our Stars

For International Women's Day we chatted to Dr Elin Gray from ECU about her cancer research, facing challenges as a researcher and the importance of being and having female role models

To celebrate NAIDOC week (which as our guest rightly points out, should be every week), we chat to Dr Peta Clancy of MADA about how her research on truth telling stimulates conversations about the past and present experiences of Indigenous people

We chat to Dr Hanna Kurniawati from ANU about her research in robotics and its role in our world

We talk to Professor Rebecca Lester from Deakin University about her work in aquatic ecosystems

Cognitive scientist at the MARCS Institute Dr Celia Harris discusses her work in autobiographical memory

Know of a Bright Star?
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