Academic Career


The GrantEd Group helps you plan for and enable a significant, impactful and fulfilling academic career.


Our career development program is delivered via a mix of group and 1:1 coaching. It is underpinned by our Research Impact Strategy Model and focuses on:

  • Learning how to establish significant and long-term professional relationships both within and outside academia.

  • A planned approach to achieving research impact and tangible benefits.

  • Understanding the importance of assessing research in the context of current drivers, strategic Research priorities, trends and urgent needs.

  • Understanding publication output and how to focus on the right channels for maximum exposure, significance and impact.

  • Navigating career interruptions such as parental leave, carer’s leave or illness.

  • How to benchmark and consequently plan for research opportunities on a short, medium and long-term basis. 

  • Planning and working towards achieving career aspirations (Big Hairy Audacious Goals).

  • Reflecting on research focus and it's relevance. 

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